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image Why Translation Can Help Your Business Grow 
Posted by admin Posted On 20th May 2019

In any country of the world large corporations work closely with governments. Large corporations produce wealth and create jobs to be further distributed by governments among their electorates. 

Such collaboration leaves very little space for small and medium size entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

We, who believe in free enterprise economy, are willing to assist entrepreneurs to grow their businesses worldwide. 

What we contribute is translation. One of the ways to increase revenue is to tap into overseas markets. This is when an entrepreneur needs to speak the language of his new clientele. 

We, at Beltrans, provide professional translation of business websites, as well as any further linguistic assistance that our clients will need to sustain their overseas operations, such as translation of business correspondence, copyright materials, catalogues, etc.


Yaroslav Muradian 

Co-founder and Director of Partnerships