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image The International Translation Day
Posted by admin Posted On 01st October 2019

The International Translation Day is a festive occasion for the whole mankind.


This Holiday was established in 1991. It is celebrated on September 30th and is dedicated to translators in various spheres.


The International Translation Day is timed to 30 September 420 AD, the day when died Saint Jerome, a priest who lived in the Roman Empire. He is known for his translation of the Bible into the Latin language. Since then Saint Jerome has been treated as a patron of all translators.


Translation sits among many other professions that assist global progress. But for translators, the human civilization would have been progressing at a much slower pace – each country would have faced a challenge to “invent the bicycle” in each sphere of its life: science, culture, and any other.


Translators’ work helps the peoples of the world to progress towards a higher quality level of life. Translations are a ground for collaboration between diverse cultures.


Despite “machine builders’” best efforts, there is no perfect artificial translator that exists on Earth. Even the most sophisticated contemporary computer software is not capable of substituting human translation. A “machine translator” can do a word for word translation but it is only a human translator who is capable of translating the idea behind these words.


The Lord is merciful - He created translators to ensure that people understand each other and work closely towards peace and progress. 


Happy Translation Day, dear colleagues!